Mtaji Credit Facility has made another repayment to MYC4. This is just after the successful conclusion of Tanzania’s elections that were held peacefully late last month, we are in constant communications with Mtaji and hope he will soon do another payment to regularize his account.

We expect that businesses have gone back to normal and political environment has eased as such loan recovery will resume.


The Royal Danish Embassy in Kenya continues to put pressure on the government and is following the matter closely and supports its just conclusion according to the laws of Kenya.


Newspaper article


MYC4 investors pool money to fund each loan on the platform – while simultaneously competing to participate on the loans by selecting their own interest rates. The bidding process is inspired by a Dutch auction model.

Dutch auction is a type of auction in which the bidding begins with a high asking interest which then subsequently is lowered until investors are willing to accept the lowest rate, or a predetermined interest rate (the borrower’s minimum acceptable interest) is reached. The winning investors bids the lowest announced interest and ultimately win the bids to investor in the business.

Myc4 enlisted the support of the Danish Embassy to put more pressure on the ongoing investigations on the KEEF dispute. The Embassy was pleased to offer its  help and they have since written to the investigating units involved in the Matter i.e The CID and the BFID. They have also written to KEEF’s lawyer about the matter in court.

The Embassy is committed to use every means available to ensure the matter is settled amicably and speedily.

These letter are attached  here in below.

Letter for Banking Fraud Investigations Department by The Royal Danish Embassy

Letter for Criminal Investigation Department by The Royal Danish Embassy

Letter for KEEF’s Lawyer  by The Royal Danish Embassy

Meanwhile the court case and arbitration process continues with hope that a solution will be reached in the near future.


MYC4 is an internet marketplace where you and investors from around the world can lend money directly to entrepreneurs who are doing business in Africa and create growth together with them. That means when the African business makes money as a result of your loan, you can also make money. MYC4 is a business – a business that creates growth – growth created by you.

Tujijenge Uganda

TUG has continued  to  keep their promise by honoring their agreement with MYC4. They have made their final repayment installment with MYC4. This will see all outstanding loans cleared in the platform.



Mtaji  Credit Facility has made  a repayment to MYC4. This is in spite of their loan collection being affected by the current political environment in Tanzania  as the country goes to elections later in the week. They have promised to make another installment soon as the political environment is expected to ease and as such loan recovery will resume normality as businesses goes back to normal operations.



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